A 3-dimensional monogram designed around the Golden Ratio reflects my obsession with minimalism, proportion, and balance, and illustrates my design process of infusing symbolism in every brand story.

RUSTAN DESIGN SPECIALISTS, INC • Identity, 2024 - Philippines

SANTEMI SHORE • Identity, Digital, Environmental, 2024 - Quezon, Philippines

18 MISSOURI • Identity, 2024 - San Juan, Philippines

CALAIA • Identity, Packaging, 2024 - Batanggas, Philippines
Inspired by the clients favorite tree on the property, Calaia is a Polycrop Farm, Multiuse Venue, and Nature Reserve. The brand offers products made with locally sourced ingredients and services that advocate and protect endemic biodiversity.

JUDON • Identity, Print, 2024 - Tagaytay, Philippines

FIN & SALT • Naming, Identity, 2023 - Makati, Philippines

SINTÂ • Identity, Print, 2023 - Tagaytay, Philippines
An organic identity that gives typography and topography center stage. The main brand element is the unique topography of the Taal Volcano, intentionally placed in the background of a logotype that mimics the topography's curves and shapes, to communicate that Sintâ is more than just a restaurant with a scenic volcanic view, it is a space where creativity flourishes through food, art, and music; a place to rediscover the possibilities beyond the ground we see.

K NATURAL • Identity, 2023 - Pasig, Philippines
 Beauty services being more inclined for Filipina women, the client wanted a brand identity that had a strong Korean identity and was also gender neutral. The main logomark is a capital K with a shooting star to represent Korea and the aspiration to reach for your highest beauty goals, the logotype is a modern sans serif with curved corners is meant to evoke current gender neutrality.

THE EVERYDAY OUTSOURCE • Identity, 2023 - Makati, Philippines
A business forward identity with a touch of whimsy for an all-female start-up. The resourceful women of The Everyday Outsource seek out the best talent to help businesses grow - much like bees in a growing garden - so an adorably regal queen bee was just befitting for their logomark. Paired with a sophisticated logotype it provided the perfect balance of business elegance and cheeky fun.

SEVEN PLATES • Identity, Print, Digital, 2023 - San Juan, Philippines

QUÉ TAL • Identity, Print, 2023 - Makati, Philippines

MESSY BESSY • Rebranding, Packaging, 2023 - Manila, Philippines
Inspired by Wes Anderson films' vibrant mid-century modern theme, a respectfully modern identity redesign was created for this well-established local brand. The logo update is extensive, but by maintaining the core visual characteristics of the original, the new logo still looks familiar. This balance provided both the respect for the past and the necessary evolution for its future.

TALIA • Identity, Packaging, 2023 - Manila, Philippines

TOKUGAWA • Naming, Identity, Print, Digital, Environmental - Makati, Philippines

EL CHIRINGUITO • Identity, 2023 - Makati, Philippines

CAMPO DE SUEÑOS • Identity, 2023 - Cavite, Philippines

HOME & HEART • Identity, Packaging, 2023 - Makati, Philippines

RESOURCE PH • Identity, Print, 2022 - Manila, Philippines

CUBBY • Identity, Print, Digital, 2022 - Manila, Philippines

MARTINEZ • Identity, 2022 - Australia
A distinctly Asian identity for a global market. An Australian-based retail brand requested its owners last name to be transformed into the shops identity. Based on the jasmine, a flower significant to most Asian cultures, i created a delicate logomark that extended its details towards a custom logotype. Instead of the usual bright east-asian colors, powdery pink and gold is used, giving the overall brand a globally elegant persona, with strong Asian roots.

SIMPLE MACHINES • Identity, Print, 2022 - Muntinlupa, Philippines

CASA VICTORIA • Packaging, 2022 - Dumaguete, Philippines

DAMÁ • Identity, Packaging, 2022 - Manila, Philippines

AROMAZ • Identity, Packaging, 2022 - Manila, Philippines

YOGA LOVE • Packaging, 2022 - Muntinlupa, Philippines

SOAR MCT • Identity, Packaging, 2021 - Manila, Philippines

ONE WORLD KITCHEN • Identity, Print, Digital, 2021 - Makati, Philippines

PARDON MY FRENCH • Identity, Print, Digital, 2021 - Makati, Philippines

FOR KEEPS • Art Direction, Packaging, Print, 2021 - Muntinlupa, Philippines

TSAA LAYA • Art Direction, Packaging, 2021 - Manila, Philippines

PAN DELISYOSO • Identity, Packaging, 2021 - Manila, Philippines

DAILY FACE • Naming, Identity, Packaging, 2021 - Manila, Philippines

PORTABLE PASTRIES & POTAGE • Identity, Packaging, 2020 - Berkeley, California

LA KANDILA • Naming, Identity, Packaging, 2020 - Manila, Philippines
For their new hand-poured candle business, the client required naming, identity and packaging design. The name La Kandila was chosen, the logomark highlights the brand’s mission of providing environmentally-friendly products, Finally, shades of Formal Garden and Golden Nugget are chosen to simply symbolize nature and light.

GEL'S ESTHETIQUE • Identity, Print, Digital, 2020 - Makati, Philippines

BAY TO BAY CARGO • Identity, Print, 2020 - California & Manila

MCKINLEY TACK • Identity, Packaging, Print, 2019 - Makati, Philippines

MAKEUP SEX • Identity, Packaging, 2019 - Seattle, Washington
Inspired by silk moths and poppies, a decadent identity with ‘20s glamour that captivates feelings of attraction, passion, intoxication, and self-illumination.

CABANNA • Identity, Packaging, Print, 2019 - Boracay, Philippines

AMIHAN • Packaging, 2019 - Makati, Philippines

CANDY'S CAFE • Packaging, 2019 - Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

WORK YOUR WOO • Identity, Packaging, 2019 - Makati, Philippines

SIAGO RESORT • Identity, Print, 2019 - Siargao, Philippines
The logomark is based on the "saang" shell, a local delicacy on the island of Siargao, a subtle S is formed within the natural folds and curves of the shell to symbolize the brand name - Siago.

MODUMELA HOUSE • Identity, 2019 - Botswana, South Africa

MARTA'S HANDMADE • Identity, Packaging, 2018 - Makati, Philippines

BEL-IS RESORT • Identity, Packaging, 2018 - Aklan, Philippines

SALT & SKY RESORT • Identity, 2018 - El Nido, Philippines

SAVONILLE • Naming, Identity, Packaging, 2018 - Manila, Philippines
A new local skincare brand required a name, identity, and packaging design that will communicate the premium qualities of natural French-made oils. Combining the French words for soap and Manila: “Savon” and “Manille” – the brand was named Savonille. The soap packaging uses vibrant pastels to showcase the subtle yet energizing French oils. Lastly, a toile-inspired pattern was applied on cushioned boxes to present the soaps as gifts.

DAIESUMI • Identity, Print, 2018 - Manila, Philippines

ZOBELISTA • Identity, Digital, 2018 - Muntinlupa, Philippines

TRY LOCAL PH • Identity, Digital, 2018 - Muntinlupa, Philippines

LIQUOR BOX • Identity, Print, 2017 - Manila, Philippines

LONGEVIT • Identity, Packaging, 2017 - Manila, Philippines

ANGUS & LOLA • Identity, Packaging, 2017 - Makati, Philippines

BANAFAMILYA • Identity, 2016 - Davao, Philippines

APARTMENT EIGHT • Identity, Packaging, 2016 - Manila, Philippines

LAYA • Identity, Packaging, 2016 - Manila, Philippines
For her new line of handmade candles, the client wanted the brand to look and feel vintage and androgynous. As “laya” means "free" in Filipino, I created an art deco inspired logomark of a flying bird formed in an L, the theme was carried on to the art deco pattern. Finally, a palette of dark grey and copper was chosen to make it elegantly androgynous.

TWO CHIC • Identity, Packaging, Print, 2016 - Makati, Philippines

JAVA DESIGNS • Identity, Print, 2015 - Makati, Philippines

GOURMET GARAGE • Rebranding, Print, Digital, 2015 - Subic, Philippines
Gourmet Garage Philippines required a redesign of their logo, so i created a fun identity redesign honoring the brand's Matriarch to make the brand more recognizable and approachable. The brand makes use of bright orange and rich blue to evoke a friendly yet professional approach to their gourmet products and services.

KORAGEM • Naming, Rebranding, Packaging, 2015 - Manila, Philippines
A complete brand transformation for a premium Japanese collagen brand. Rejucell was renamed to Koragem, then packaging was given a modern upgrade using geometric shapes and fresh color-blocking of teal and white. The packaging redesign conveys a simpler, more straightforward message of science combined with the most premium ingredients, providing a quality collagen supplement brand ready for the Asian market.

LEEWARD • Identity, Print, 2014 - Hong Kong

ALBASI • Identity, 2014 - Davao, Philippines

THE URBAN ALCHEMIST • Naming, Identity, Packaging, Print, Digital, 2014 - Makati, Philippines




"Maricae was a dream to work with. First of all, her fee is very reasonable and she made the whole process so easy for me.

I started with only a vague idea of my brand and she helped me concretize it and make it a reality!

Besides her really good artistic eye, what I appreciated the most was how she used my vision to create a brand personality that really resonated with what I want my business to evoke to consumers. She provided options that really captured the vibe I was going for. She was super easy to work with and always submitted revisions right away! In our one month contract, there was never a time wherein I felt lost or frustrated. In fact, working with Maricae was a really fun and enjoyable experience - I always looked forward to receiving her updates and seeing her work. She also provided some really good advice that, even if it was beyond the scope of her work, was very helpful. Super highly recommend Maricae and all the services she offers!"

Karla, La Kandila


"It was a pleasure working with Maricae, after browsing and checking with different brand stylists, Maricae was the one who nailed it. She was very patient, professional and willing to go that extra mile.

From logo concept, to print, digital, and signage design, everything was perfect and beyond expectations.

Thanks to her creativity and passion, my logo is EXACTLY what I wanted!"

Gelyn, Gel's Esthetique


"Maricae created the perfect identity for me! Combining my company name and business into a logo, then adding my blueprint into the design was genius! She's also easy to work with and very accommodating."

Vanessa, Java Designs


"Maricae is very easy to work with and can translate her clients' concepts into her designs accurately. I highly recommend her and will definitely use her services again in the future."

Maite, Siago Resort


"One of the best brand designers in Manila. She’s very professional, easy to work with and is always open to working with different ideas. Highly recommended and will definitely be working with her again!"

Andy, Work Your Woo / Angus & Lola


"Very happy with the designs Maricae made for me! She is very talented, easy to talk to, and efficient."

Marta, Campo de Sueños / Marta's Handmade


"Easiest person to collaborate with. Does not hold back on design. Will work with her again!"

Chuchay, Banafamilya / Albasi


"Listing down why I think Maricae is the best:

1. She is very professional. She explained the process thoroughly and I appreciated the brand concept reports that she prepared. When she says she will deliver on a certain date, she will follow through. She responds to queries and requests really quickly.

2. She is more than just a creative graphic designer, Maricae is a brand consultant with a sharp sense of business and marketing.

3. She listens to her client. I provided a rough idea of what I wanted, and Maricae listened, studied and totally captured the vibe and design I wanted. We didn’t have to go through major revisions because she got it right off the bat.

4. She is considerate and approachable. My brand is not major at all as it is just a personal passion project. Nevertheless, she engaged with me professionally and that made me feel at ease.

5. Her pricing is very reasonable. I thought my passion project budget wasn’t enough, but I was pleasantly surprised that it covered Maricae’s fees.

6. Her designs are AWESOME! I have believed from the start that branding plays a major role in a passion project business. Branding first before selling so that you get it right the first time. Maricae believes in that as well. She brought to life the concepts in my mind and her designs have really made a major impact on my project, business-wise."

Peach, Home & Heart


"After meeting numerous designers, we connected with Maricae for our company logo.

She can understand and effectively visualize what you want, even when you are unable to clearly articulate it. Her experience in corporate branding definitely shows.

Maricae is easy to work with, professional, creative, and really talented. Needless to say, we were thrilled with the logo she created for us. Highly recommend."

Junie, Simple Machines

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Maricae is an industrial designer and brand stylist with over fifteen years experience in marketing and design.

Currently working independently, she equips brands in various industries with thoughtfully designed identities, packaging, and visual solutions.

For inquiries - for some client testimonials.